There is a delivery fee of $5.64 for all home deliveries.  Fruit Suite works with a variety of local vendors and this fee helps offset the additional costs incurred in directly dealing with local maker and farmers and bringing their product to your home. 
We aim to have all of our deliveries completed by 5pm.  That being said, right now we are working with more households than ever to provide healthy and fresh produce to direct to their door.  When we see unexpected interest you can expect your delivery to arrive as late as 8pm.  We appreciate your understanding. 
We are only providing contactless deliveries. 

If you live in a house: We will leave the package on your front step and knock or ring the door bell. If it doesn't look like you are home we will send you a text messaging letting you know your delivery has arrived.

If you live in a Condo or Apt: We will not deliver directly to your unit.  If there is concierge that allows food to be left we will leave it with concierge (please confirm on whether your building allows this).  Otherwise we will buzz or call on our arrival and will leave the package for you.  
Fruit Suite delivers a variety of whole fruits and locally made snacks to offices.  Think Ontario apples, peaches, pears and plums along with office favourites like bananas and oranges. OR how about a vegan breakfast jar filled with energizing ingredients.

We try our hardest to work with local farms year round but that Canadian winter of ours can get in the way.  We haven't come across any Ontario bananas just yet.
Each piece of fruit is carefully hand picked. Depending on the fruit and whether the fruit is being kept on a counter or in the fridge you should expect it to last a week. 
Fruit Suite delivers throughout the GTA and in the Kitchener Waterloo area.  If you are outside of our delivery area, please give us a call! 
Each week Fruit Suite works to bring you the highest quality of fruit that is available. When it is growing season, we work directly with farmers to bring you the freshest fruit possible. For fruit that requires more of a tropical environment to thrive we work with a variety of suppliers to make sure that you are getting the best the market has to offer. 

We start deliveries at 6 am everyday. Your delivery time will depend on your location and when we can access your building.  We will work with you to find the best way to deliver your fruit and snack box.  Once we have found a time that works you will generally receive your fruit and snack box around the same time.  

All of Fruit Suites deliveries are normally completed by 2pm.

There are no contracts with Fruit Suite. Simply let us know by 12pm the day before your delivery or for Monday deliveries by 12pm on Friday.  

The easiest way is to log onto your account and place your order on hold or cancel it all together. Even easier just sent us a quick note at customercare@fruitsuite.ca and we will help you out!
Fruit Suite customers pay using a credit card that is charged on the day of delivery. A copy of the paid invoice is sent by email. We do not accept credit debit. 
While our normally policy is to collect your box for reuse or recycle we are currently not collection and reusing any packing.  Please recycle all boxes.  We appreciate you understanding that this is for your safety and the safety of our drivers. 

** Old Policy: Hold onto your box and we will pick it up the following week to reuse or recycle. We our trying hard to do our part to help the environment. **
Of course! We love creating custom snacking stations with our offices.  We will work with you help create a snacking program that works for your office.  




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